Today 16 10 2021
Hour 18:49

Iranbronze casting industries co.

High quality in Iran casting industry Registration number301153

The “Iran Bronze Namdar” casting industry was founded in 2000 in an area measuring 1500 square meters in the “Eshgh Abad” industrial town and started its work in the field of casting various copper and cast iron based alloys. In 2005, the company was granted an exploitation license number by the Ministry of Industries and Mines. In 2011, the company began developing and expanding its production units and office buildings with the aims of creating employment, meeting customer demands and boosting its fields of activity. Finally, in an area measuring 10000 square meters and a built area of over 4000 square meters which include its office buildings, modeling units, casting units, machining units and laboratory; the company was recognized as a major player in the Iranian casting industry.
   Owing to the fact that Iran Bronze has always been keen on upholding the two major principles of customer satisfaction and moving parallel with the highest modern technologies and trends, the company was awarded the consumer compliance trophy in 2016 – defining the standards for quality, respecting customers, technology and responsibility. Also in 2017, the “Iran Bronze Namdar” industry’s brand name and logo were registered under the 301153 license number. With its growth, the company’s duties and responsibilities increased and it took further steps in the production of facilities and parts for the oil, water, agriculture, machinery making and petrochemical industries in way of meeting our country’s demands and providing self-sufficiency.
   The Iran Bronze company is comprised of different units and departments including office units, the research and development (R&D) unit, technical and engineering units, modeling units, casting units, machining units and the quality control department which have utilized a powerful framework and expert staff in the this field in order to comply with modern world class standards and provide products for the oil, gas, petrochemical, agriculture, auto-making, cement, military, navy and firefighting industries. With confidence, and by believing that quality is the key to success, the company is flourishing in world markets and in the field of exports to neighboring countries – thus taking immeasurable steps in advancing Iran’s casting industry.
   Being well aware of the importance of the role of its manpower, the company also greatly values, appreciates and honors its staff members. Finally, we are proud to lean on the three significant principles of optimum quality, fair prices and customer satisfaction – which are the secrets behind any prosperous production unit – to further boost our success.